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Company History

Evolving...Since 1881

John Hays Founded the Frog, Switch Manufacturing Company in 1898The Origins...

Frogs, switches and other railroad components were the original steel parts manufactured by our plant, dating back to 1881. A frog is a special section of rail that allows a train to cross over or to 'switch' tracks.

The First Major Phase of Evolution...

By the end of the sixties, railroad parts were phased out and more profitable crushing and grinding wear parts were introduced. This positioned Frog Switch to become one of the dominant players in the North American ore and aggregate mining industries.

In response to a flood of foreign imports, Frog, Switch embarked on an aggressive export program which resulted in large-scale global recognition.

Ongoing Evolution...

An on-going plant modernization, in place since the 1970's, has given us a 100% increase in plant capacity, ensuring our molding processes are the most technologically advanced in the world.

Today, Frog Switch uses the two most environmentally safe molding methods available: vacuum molding and the sodium silicate no-bake sand system.

We are one of the few remaining foundries in the U.S. completely devoted to manganese steel wear products.

It's what we do best.

Frog Switch Manganese Wear Parts for the Aggregate and Mining Industries